Sun City Ductless Air Conditioner SolutionsYou may find it worthwhile to purchase a ductless air conditioner in Sun City, AZ. These are versatile systems, and they accommodate many different needs. Do you already have central AC? Then a ductless AC could do wonders for a room addition where you don’t want to extend your ductwork, or it could cool a stand-alone space like a tool shed or garage. Do you lack ducts to begin with because your home is too old to support them? With a mini-split air conditioner system, you can hook up eight ductless air handlers to a single compressor, getting virtual whole-house cooling.

    About Ductless Air Conditioners in Sun City

    Here’s what you should know from the start: Despite their high up-front cost, ductless ACs, also known as mini-splits, are convenient, compact, durable, and energy-efficient. Installing them is a cinch. The air handler is a sleek device that can look good on any wall or even a ceiling, and the piping for refrigerant only needs a three-inch hole in the wall. The compressor can sit as far as 50 feet away from the air handler.

    You’ll receive these benefits with mini-splits:
    • Multi-zone cooling
    • Variable-speed operation
    • Features like directional airflow
    • Wireless remote control

    Each air handler comes with its own thermostat, so there won’t be debates among your family members as to what the thermostat’s set point should be. With variable-speed technology, you can choose to let the mini-split run quietly in the background rather than shutting off after reaching the set point. This prevents wear and tear and saves money on your energy bill.

    Above all, you’ll save a ton because of the lack of ductwork. As you might imagine, ducts, especially when they’re not sealed and insulated properly, can leak out cool air. Ductless units don’t share that problem. And as you’ve already heard, they’re durable. Traditional heat pumps last 15 to 20 years with professional yearly maintenance. Mini-splits can last 30 years.

    About Ductless Air Conditioners in Sun City

    Your Mini-Split Air Conditioner Experts

    Your Mini-Split Air Conditioner ExpertsFounded in 2014, Grand Air Heating and Cooling is a premier source for mini-split air conditioning systems in Sun City. Since our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, you can count on us to find you the right system for your room or rooms. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced, and they combine professionalism with warm, friendly customer care. They’re completely committed to honesty, so expect up-front pricing with no hidden fees. We know that installing a mini-split is still a big step, and we’ll never recommend anything we feel is unnecessary.

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